2 Year MBA - 10 DUAL Specialisations

Admission Qualifcation:
A candidate seeking admission to MBA program should have passed three years Bachelor's degree from recognized University in any discipline.

Program Duration:
The program duration of MBAwill be of two years comprising of four semesters but the candidate will have to complete within four years from the session of enrollment.

MBA(Dual Specialization)
Program Structure  
Subject Code Subject Credits Subject Code Subject Credits
  1st Semester     2nd Semester  
MB01 Management Concepts 5 MB07 Production Management 5
MB02 Organisational Behaviour 5 MB08 Marketing Management 5
MB03 Managerial Economics 5 MB09 Human Resource Management 5
MB04 Management Information System 5 MB10 Financial Management 5
MB05 Legal Aspects of Business 5 MB11 Quality Management 5
MB06 Accounting for Management 5 MB12 Research Methods Business 5
  Total Credits 30   Total Credits 30
  3rd Semester     4th Semester  
MB13 Project Management 5 MB19 Applied Management Operation Research 5
MB14 Strategic Management 5 MB20 Indian Business Environment 5
MB15 International Business 5 MB21 Second Electives Stream-Paper I 5
MB16 First Electives Stream - Paper I 5 MB22 Second Electives Stream - Paper II 5
MB17 First Electives Stream - Paper II 5 MB23 Second Electives Stream - Paper III 2
MB18 First Electives Stream - Paper Ill 5 MB24 Project 10
  Total Credits 30   Total Credits 35
A candidate can choose any two from the list of specialization subjects listed below. One subject shall be chosen in the third semester while the other in the fourth semester.
Specialization List
1 Human Resource (HR)  
2. Finance  
3. Information Technology (IT)  
4. Marketing  
5. Banking  
6. Operations  
7. Hospitality Management  
8. Retail Management (RM)  
9. Project Management (PM)  
10. Total Quality Management (TQM)  
The streams shall consist of the following subjects-
MBA(Dual Specialization)
Subject Code Subject Credits Credits Subject Code Subject Credits
MBHRO1 Legal Framework Governing Human Relations 5 MBFN01 Behavioral Finance 5
MBHRO2 Human Resource Development- Strategies and Systems 5 MBFNO2 Financial Engineering 5
MBHRO3 Cross Cultural and Gobal Management 5 MBFNO3 Corporate Structured Finance 5
MBITO1 Database Management 5 MBMK01 Consumer Behavior 5
MBITO2 System Analysis and Design 5 MBMK02 Sales Promotion Management 5
MBITO3 Management Support System 5 MBMK03 Marketing of Services 5
MBBNO1 Indian Banking System 5 MBOP01 Purchasing and Materials Management 5
MBBNO2 Retailing and CRM in Banking 5 MBOP02 Logistics Management 5
MBBNO3 Financial Derivatives 5 MBOP03 Service Operations Management 5
MBHM01 Tourism Planning and Marketing 5 MBRM01 Buyer Behaviour 5
MBHM02 International Hospitality Law 5 MBRMO2 Retail Planning 5
MBHM03 Hospitality Management 5 MBRM03 Direct and Network Marketing 5
MBPM01 Introduction to Project Management 5 MBTQM01 Methodological Approaches to TQM 5
MBPM02 Project Planning and Scheduling 5 MBTQM02 Tools of TQM 5
MBPM03 Managing human resource in Projects 5 MBTQM03 Leadership requirements For TQM 5
Semester Wise Fee Structure
Program / Tuition Fees : Rs. 10000/-
University Examination Fees
: Rs. 2000/-
Examiner's/Invigilator's Fee : Rs. 500/-
Registration Fees (At the time of admission only) : Rs. 500/-
Application & Prospectus/DD Commission : Rs. 300/-
Total Fees: First Time Registration (Without Late/Penal Fees) : Rs. 13300/-
Subsequent Registrations (Without Late/Penal Fees) : Rs. 12500/-
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