Certificate in Administration Management - Syllabus







Certificate Course In Administration Management

60 Hours

Degree - Any Stream (passed / Appeared) And Jr. Working Professional From Administration, Security,

One of the key functions in organizations is the administration of facilities. Most organizations big & small have some or the other Admin Manager/ executive who handles varied functions of security management, facilities management, transport management, travel & hotel bookings, keeping track of fixed assets of the company etc. However there is hardly any structured course/training to learn these skills and most are learnt on the job. This program aims to provide the candidate end to end understanding of the administration function.

Course Title: Certificate Course in Administration Management


Total Credit Hours: 60


Introduction and Course Objectives:  The gamut of activities in which an admin manger is involved depends on various factors, be it the size and spread of the organisation or the kind of business it is involved in. This course shall broadly cover most aspects that any admin person may have to deal with.

Main Concepts: 

  1. Management of facilities & Security
  2. Asset Management
  3. Statutory compliances
  4. Vendor management
  5. Procurement/Negotiations
  6. Concierge Services
  7. Front Office Management

Learning Objectives:

  1. Be able to appoint and monitor vendors for security & facility management.
  2. Will be able to understand & negotiate terms of contracts with various vendors
  3. Be able to mange cost effective concierge service to the company staff
  4. Will be able to list out all the statutory compliance requirements
  5. Generate the returns for statutory compliances & assist in conduct of audits
  6. Will be able to account for and maintain all fixed assets of the office/organisation

Course Content:

  1. Security Management
    1. PSARA  Act
    2. Attendance & billing
    3. Contract terms & conditions
  1. Facilities Management
    1. Equipments required for cleaning
    2. Managing/accounting for consumables
    3. Monitoring of performance
    4. Contract terms & conditions
  1. Statutory compliances
    1. Shops & establishment act
    2. Signages
  1. Fire safety
    1. Fire safety audit/requirements
    2. Fire safety drills
    3. Fires safety equipment- Use & maintenance
  1. Asset Management
    1. Classification of assets
    2. Asset registers
    3. Concept of depreciation/write-off
    4. Asset transfers/disposal
  1. Concierge Services
    1. Travel Bookings ( Bus/rail/air)
    2. Hotel bookings
    3. Local transport
    4. Bouquets/corporate gifts/movie tickets/bill pay etc
  1. Procurement
    1. Purchase of consumables & its accounting ( stationery etc)
    2. Negotiation skills
  1. Vendor management (Service contracts)
    1. Printers
    2. Fax machines
    3. Air –conditioners
    4. Coffee machines
  1. Front Office Management
    1. Handling tele - exchange
    2. Front office up-keep

Method of Teaching:
Classroom interactive session and Practical sessions

Method of Assessment & Weightage:
Assessment Tasks: Written Exam: Project
Weightage: 70%: 30%

Reading Lists & References

Essential Reading:  Handouts

B. Voc - Bachelor of Vocational Education
in Sales & Marketing
PG Diploma in Sales & Marketing PG Diploma in HR & Admin
Certificate in
Performance Management
Certificate in
Training & Development
Certificate in
Payroll Management
Certificate in
Recruitment Management
Certificate in
Administration Management


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