Certificate in Recruitment Management - Syllabus







Certificate Course In Recruitment Management

75 Hours

Degree - Any Stream (passed / Appeared) And Jr. Working Professional From Accounts And Hr Function.


One of the key functions of Human Resource Management is talent acquisition. This program aims to provide the candidate the end to end understanding of the recruitment process. This will result in providing to the industry candidates who will be subject matter experts and will be able to apply the optimal methods of recruitment & selection as hiring executives/managers. These candidates could also be a ready trained pool of resources for the staffing industry.


Course Title:  Certificate Course in Recruitment Management


Total Credit Hours: 75
Introduction and Course Objectives:  The recruitment function is one of the most important functions in the process of organisation building. Along with recruitment, it come Induction; both are the core functions of HR.

Main Concepts: 

  1. Basics Of Recruitment
  2. Basics of Induction
  3. Job Description & Job Specification
  4. Campus Recruitment
  5. Induction process
  6. Training

Learning Objectives:

  1. Broad understanding of recruitment function in organisations
  2. Write an appropriate Job description & Job specification
  3. Plan the process of recruitment based on the need
  4. Carry out joining formalities & induction process

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to Recruitment Function
  2. Brief on the staffing Industry
  3. Resume short listing
  4. Recruitment Software/Platforms
  5. Selection Process
  6. Walk-in Recruitment
  7. Head Hunting
  8. Overview on 'Assessment Centre'
  9. Induction timetable
  10. Preparing Offer Letter
  11. Joining Formalities
  12. Induction Process

Method of Teaching:
Lecture, Discussion, presentation & project work


Method of Assessment & Weightage:
Assessment Tasks: Written Exam: Project
Weightage: 70%: 30%


Reading Lists & References

Essential Reading:

Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting and Orienting New Employees- Diane Arthur

Suggested Reading:
Managing staff Recruitment, Selection and Induction- Sheils Elliott

B. Voc - Bachelor of Vocational Education
in Sales & Marketing
PG Diploma in Sales & Marketing PG Diploma in HR & Admin
Certificate in
Performance Management
Certificate in
Training & Development
Certificate in
Payroll Management
Certificate in
Recruitment Management
Certificate in
Administration Management


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