Objective : Financial Engineering has been one of the emerging disciplines of the past decade. In the new economy, the challenges of money management are quite varied. Managers and Industry leaders have to make quick forecast and investment decisions involving millions of dollars and a wrong move might spell disasterto their organizations. In such a fast moving, high-risk scenario, the evaluation and quantification of risks, the measurement of risk-reward pay-offs, sound forecasting, are all very important elements towards making informed decisions. This is where a financial engineering professional steps in. Most of us would be quite uninformed about what a Finance professional does. The most common questions, to begin with, are what is his function and where does he stand in the organizational hierarchy. Financial Engineering professionals use computer simulation models and math to make trading, hedging and investment decisions. One of the most fundamental roles performed by finance professionals is to measure and quantify risk that financial instruments like derivatives create. The cocktail of skills are very useful in fields such as trading and risk management and in strategic planning. Finance professionals also play a key role in investment decision-making and investment portfolio management.

Students in the MBA (FE) program leam to employ theoretical finance and computer modeling skills to make pricing, hedging, trading and portfolio management decisions. Courses and projects emphasize the practical applications of these skills. The modular course of study in form of semester shall be incorporated for MBA (FE) students.
MBA(FE) students are prepared for careers in:
Investment Banking
Corporate Strategic Planning
Risk Management
Primary and Derivative Securities Valuation
Financial Information Systems Management
Portfolio Management
Securities Trading
Admlulon Qualification:

A candidate seeking admission in MBA (FE) program should have passed Bachelor's degree from recognized University in any discipline.

Program Duration:

The program duration for MBA(FE) will be two years comprising of four semesters but the candidate will have to complete the program within four years from the session of enrollment.

Program Structure
Subject Code Subject   Subject Code Subject Credits
  1st Semester     3rd Semester  
MB01 Management Concepts 5 MB13 Project Management 5
MB02 Organisational Behaviour 5 MB14 Strategic Management 5
MB03 Managerial Economics 5 MB15 International Business 5
MB04 Management Information System 5 MB16TM Financial Risk Measurement and Management 5
MB05 Legal Aspects of Business 5 MB17TM Credit Risk and Its Modelling 5
MB06 Accounting for Management 5 MB18TM Corporate Structured Finance 5
  Total Credits 30   Total Credits 30
  2nd Semester 5   4th Semester  
MB07 Production Management 5 MB19 Applied Management Operation Research 5
MB08 Marketing Management 5 MB20 Indian Business Environment 5
MB09 Human Resource Management 5 MB21FE Behavioral Finance 5
MB10 Financial Management 5 MB22FE Dynamic Asset Management 5
MB11 Quality Management 5 MB23FE Financial Engineering 5
MB12 Research Methods in Business 5 MB24 Project 10
  Total Credits 30   Total Credits 35
In addition to course work, the M9A (FE) educational experience includes the following:
Financiai Practice Seminars: MBA (FE) students are encouraged to attend discussions held by finance practitioners. The studen hall be given the insights into the way the financial world is changing: new products and needs; evolving data and information systems;andsimilartopics.

Applied Finance Project : MBA (FE) students are required to complete an applied finance project that develops or uses quantitativ nance tools and techniques learned in the program.
Semester Wise Fee Structure
Program / Tuition Fees : Rs. 10000/-
University Examination Fees : Rs. 2000/-
Examiner's/Invigilator's Fee : Rs. 500/-
Registration Fees (At the time of admission only) : Rs. 500/-
Application & Prospectus/DD Commission : Rs. 300/-
Total Fees: First Time Registration (Without Late/Penal Fees) : Rs. 13300/-
Subsequent Registrations (Without Late/Penal Fees) : Rs. 12500/-
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