PGDREM (Post Graduate Diploma in Real Estate Management)

  Objectlve : Compared to other professions that have existed for centuries, real estate management is a relative newcomer.As society expands and changes, real estate managers respond to a diversity of problems - either to capitalize on or to minimize the effects of changes on the real estate in their care. Every type of property needs professional real estate management, from apartments and office buildings to shipping centers and schools. Real estate managers have a direct, tangible impact on people they can literally change the landscape of a city.

Real estate management positions require a range of skills in negotiating, managing personnel, financial management, marketing,and leasing and tenant management.

Admisslon Qualification : A candidate seeking admission in PGDREM program should have passed bachelor's degree from a recognized University in any discipline.

Program Duration : The program duration for PGDREM will be one year comprising of two semesters but the candidate will have to complete the program within two years from the session of enrollment.

Program Structure  
Subject Code Subject Credits Subject Code Subject Credits
  1st Semester     2nd Semester  
PGRM11 Introduction to Real Estate Management 4 PGRM21 Real Estate Investment and World Real Estate Market 4
PGRM12 Ethics for Real Estate Manager 4 PGRM22 Relationship Management 2
PGRM13 Site Management 4 PGRM23 HR Essentials for Real Estate Management 4
PGRM14 Property Maintenance and Risk Management 4 PGRM24 Financial Operations and Asset Management 4
PGRM15 Marketing and Leasing 4 PGRM25 Real Estate Financing and Valuation 4
  Total Credits 16   Total Credits 18
Semester Wise Fee Structure
Program / Tuition Fees : Rs. 8000/-
University Examination Fees
: Rs. 800/-
Examiner's/Invigilator's Fee : Rs. 500/-
Registration Fees (At the time of admission only) : Rs. 300/-
Application & Prospectus/DD Commission : Rs. 300/-
Total Fees: First Time Registration (Without Late/Penal Fees) : Rs. 9900/-
Subsequent Registrations (Without Late/Penal Fees) : Rs. 9100/-
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