PGDSAPM (Post Graduate Diploma in Security Analysis and Portfolio Management)

Objectlve : This diploma course shall impart the necessary skills and knowledge for analyzing various investment alternatives construction and management of large investment portfolios. The course has a focus on equity investments while other investment alternatives are also covered.

This program is an analysis leading to the appraisal and pricing of securities. It discusses the income generating ability of Securities forecasts of trends in the stock and bond markets, fundamental and technical analysis, application of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), analysis of active and passive investment strategies, and measurement of portfolio performance

Admisslon Qualification : A candidate seeking admission in PGDSAPM program should have passed bachelor's degree from a recognized University in any discipline.

Program Duration : The program duration for PGDSAPM will be one year comprising of two semesters but the candidate will have to complete the program within two years from the session of enrollment. .

Program Structure
Subject Code Subject Credits Subject Code Subject Credits
  1st Semester     2nd Semester  
PGSP11 Fundamentals of Accounting and Balance Sheet Analysis 4 PGSP21 Portfolio Selection : Fixed and Variable Income Securities 4
PGSP12 Business Statistics 2 PGSP22 Commodity Market 2
PGSP13 Financial management 4 PGSP23 Derivative Securities 2
PGSP14 Indian Financial System (Regulatory and Legal Framework) 4 PGSP24 Econometric Methods in Finance 4
PGSP15 Financial Planning and Investment 4 PGSP25 International Financial Markets And Portfolio Diversification 4
      PGSP26 Portfolio Performance Evaluation 2
  Total Credits 18   Total Credits 18
Semester Wise Fee Structure
Program / Tuition Fees : Rs. 8000/-
University Examination Fees : Rs. 800/-
Examiner's/Invigilator's Fee : Rs. 500/-
Registration Fees (At the time of admission only) : Rs. 300/-
Application & Prospectus/DD Commission : Rs. 300/-
Total Fees: First Time Registration (Without Late/Penal Fees) : Rs. 9900/-
Subsequent Registrations (Without Late/Penal Fees) : Rs. 9100/-
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