Management is the art of getting things done. To take the leap into the management of an organization, management education is becoming more and more important. Many professionals today also seek degrees in management as a means of securing a better salary. Not only does SMU-'DE offer management courses that help you climb the ladder of hierarchy, it also allows you to choose from different verticals that help differentiate you from the others.
Junior/Senior Operation Executives AFL Pvt. Ltd
Junior/Senior Finance Executives Air India
Research Assistants Alken Laboratories
Data Analyst Asian Hotels Ltd
Back Office/Support Staff Bajaj Allianez

Program Structure
First Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
BBA101 Communication Skills 4
BBA102 Organization Behavior 4
BBA103 Business Environment 4
BBA104 Quantitative Techniques in Business 2
BBA105 Computer Fundamentals 2
  Total Cumulative Credits 16
Third Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
BBA301 Legal and Regulatory Framework 4
BBA302 Human Resource Management 4
BBA303 Quality Management 4
BBA304 Advertising and Sales 4
  Total Cumulative Credits 48
Second Semester
BBA201 Research Methods 2
BBA202 Business Strategy 2
BBA203 Financial Accounting 4
BBA204 Marketing Management 4
BBA205 Management Information System 4
  Total Cumulative Credits 32
Fourth Semester
BBA401 e-Commerce 4
BBA402 Management Accounting 4
BBA403 International Marketing 4
BBA404 Small Business Management 2
BBA405 Retail Management 2
  Total Cumulative Credits 64

Semester 5 and Semester 6 : Electives (Choose any one Group)

GROUP 1 General Semester 5 & 6 32 Credits
GROUP 2 Retail Operations Semester 5 & 6 32 Credits
Group 1: General
Fifth Semester
BBA501 Production and Operations Management 4
BBA502 Financial Management 4
BBA503 Economic Planning and Policies 4
BBA504 Taxation Management 2
BBA505 Entrepreneurship Management 2
  Total Cumulative Credits 80
  Group 2: Retail Operations
Fifth Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
BBA501 Store Operations and Job Knowledge 4
BBA502 Logistics Management 4
BBA503 Buying 2
BBA504 Visual Merchandise 2
BBA505 Warehouse Management 4
  Total Cumulative Credits 80
Sixth Semester
BBA601 Technology Management 4
BBA602 Management Development and Skills 4
BBA603 Role of International Financial Institutions 4
BBA604 Project 4
  Total Cumulative Credits 96
Sixth Semester
BBA601 Modern Retail Management Process and Retail Services 4
BBA602 Retail Project Property Management and Case Studies in Retail 4
BBA603 Merchandising and Supply Chain Mangement 4
BBA604 Project 4
  Total Cumulative Credits 96

Semester Wise Fee Structure -
Program / Tuition Fees : Rs. 10650/-
University Examination Fees/Alumini Fee : Rs. 2300/-
Application & Prospectus/DD Commission : Rs. 725/-
Total Fees: First Time Registration (Without Late/Penal Fees) : Rs. 13675/-
Subsequent Registrations (Without Late/Penal Fees) : Rs. 12950/-
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