BSC. NT (Network Technology)
Networking Skills requirements continue to grow globally as outsourcing of IT continues. Cloud computing, VolP and Software as a Service (SaaS) have significantly increased the complexity and requirements placed on networks.

As the world moves towards cloud computing and ubiquitous secure borderless networks, network engineers/ network administrators who understand networking and security administrators are in great demand.

But not all jobs created in the networking space / sector are easily accessible. In a survey conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Cisco, 49% of Network Managers interviewed said that Professional Certifications were required to qualify for their job.

BSc in Network Technology.

BSc in Network Technology is a 3 year degree program in IT Networking. The program equips the learner with the technical skills required of networking engineers in the field and provides vital exposure to real.-life case scenarios and industry environment.

The BSc (NT) program has Dimension Data, a leading IT solutions and services provider that has undertaken large scale networking projects across APAC region as the Industry Skills Partner.

Progam Objective

To Provide in-depth conceptual understanding and knowledge of the technology in Networking (Wired/Wireless),Security & Voice Solutions.

To train students on how to design ,build,troubleshoot and secure triple play bordersless computer networks
Salient Features

1. Customised Content: Designed to cover key topics across in.-demand skills required by industry viz. Networking, (Wired/Wireless), Security & Voice technologies.
2. Centralized Network Lab: All students would be provided access to a dedicated cluster of router & switches to perform lab assignments through Internet.
3. Web Based Training: Practical guidance sessions by Industry experts delivered on a web based platform. Students can access the recorded sessions for later review.
4 Seminars: Live demonstration by field experienced engineers
5. Career Counseling: Access to Industry Experts through web Portal and Live Chat Sessions.
6. Project work: Built into program as part of VI Semester.
7. Industry Certifications: Prepares student for industry recognized certifications
First Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
BNT101 Fundamentals of IT 4
BNT102 Fundamentals of Communication Skills 2
BNT103 Digital Systems 4
BNT104 Computer Networks 4
BNT105 Networking Tools - Practical 4
  Total Cumulative Credits 18
Fourth Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
BNT401 Multimedia Networking 4
BNT402 E-Commerce 4
BNT403 Web Technologies 4
BNT404 Enterprise Campus Networking - Practical 4
BNT405 Network Tuning/Multimedia Networking - Practical 4
  Total Cumulative Credits 78
Second Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
BNT201 Operating System 4
BNT202 Understanding PC & Troubleshooting 4
BNT203 Internetworking with TCP/IP 4
BNT204 LAN switching - Practical 4
BNT205 Internetworking - Practical 4
  Total Cumulative Credits 38
Fifth Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
BNT501 Wireless and Mobile Communication 4
BNT502 Network Data Storage 4
BNT503 Network Management & Security 4
BNT504 Network Management Tools -Practical 4
BNT505 Wireless Networking - Practical 4
  Total Cumulative Credits 98
Third Semester
BNT301 Network Routing 4
BNT302 Mathematics for IT 4
BNT303 Principles of Multimedia 4
BNT304 Network Routing - Practical 4
BNT305 Enterprise Networking - Practical 4
  Total Cumulative Credits 58
Sixth Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
BNT601 IT Management 4
BNT602 Distributed Systems 4
BNT603 Network Troubleshooting - Practical 4
BNT604 Project: Designing a Campus Network 8
  Total Cumulative Credits 118
Multiple Entry Options   Lateral Entry        
Semester Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem 4 Sem 5 Sem 6
Multiple Exit Options   BScNT
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