MAJM ( Journalism and Mass Communication)
Program Structure
First Semester  
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
MJ0001 Internet and Media 2
MJ0002 Computer Fundamentals 2
MJ0003 Mass Communication 4
MJ0004 Reporting and Editing 4
MJ0005 Media Laws and Ethics 4
  Total Cumulative Credits 16
Third Semester  
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
MJ0011 News Critics 4
MJ0012 Photography and Videography 4
MJ0013 Interviews for Print, Radio and Television 4
MJ0014 Online Journalism 4
  Total Cumulative Credits 48
Second Semester  
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
MJ0006 Radio and Television for Communication 2
MJ0007 Computer Applications in Mass Communication 2
MJ0008 Television News 4
MJ0009 Media Organzation and Management 4
MJ0010 Communication Research 4
  Total Cumulative Credits 32
Fourth Semester  
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
MJ0015 Master Thesis 4
MJ0016 Elective * 12
  Total Cumulative Credits 64
Multiple Entry Options   Lateral Entry    
Semester Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem 4
Multiple Exit Options   MAJM
*Elective (Choose any one Group)  
Group 1
MJ1601 Organizational Communication 4 credits
MJ1602 Advertising and Public Relations 4 credits
MJ1603 Event Management and Reporting 4 credits
Group 2
MJ1604 Television Studies 4 credits
MJ1605 Television Production 4 credits
MJ1606 Television Management and its Policy 4 credits
Semester Wise Fee Structure
Program / Tuition Fees : Rs. 11400/-
University Examination Fees/Alumini Fee : Rs. 2300/-
Application & Prospectus/DD Commission : Rs. 725/-
Total Fees: First Time Registration (Without Late/Penal Fees) : Rs. 14425/-
Subsequent Registrations (Without Late/Penal Fees) : Rs. 13700/-
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